Profilo di Confetti di Pezza

Hello, my name is Lyubov. I live in a place bewitching by beauty, in the Heart of Italy.
The hobby of making dolls originated in my childhood. I remember when I often sew little dresses for my favourite ones from absolutely different patches of fabric; it could be the kitchen curtain or a new mother's dress. I must say that my relatives were not very happy about that. Then this passion somewhere disappeared. No! Not exactly! It just hid somewhere deeply inside and simply waited for the right moment to re-emerge… I created my most favourite “dolls”, my two daughters. Only after this magic event for any mother, time came to realize that I didn't manage to finish what I once had began. One by one my “confetti di pezza” started to appear and suddenly I returned to my childhood.
What a feeling when you sew a toy! You speak with it, hug it, follow its desires! Yes each of them has its own personality and desires! You dream of how it will be loved and looked after in the new house!
Dolls are the thread connecting us with the world of our bright memories and dreams. We are all coming from the childhood and each of us wants just for a second to return there. I hope my “Confetto di pezza” will make your dreams come true! I will help you! I will create your dream!
All my dolls are handcrafted; I’m mostly using natural materials to create them.

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